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ImmagineDi seguito un breve resoconto delll’incontro con il livello Intermediate-to-Advanced in inglese. Qui il progetto e qui il resoconto dell’incontro con il livello che lo ha preceduto, l’Elementary-to-Pre-Intermediate.

Hamlet is a great play, we all know that. And it has been very stimulating to talk about it with the group of people on March 10th inside the beautiful Lounge at the Victoria Company. We began with Shakespeare, whose figure is quite misterious in certain ways, as there are scholars claiming that he was not the author of all those stunning plays and there are others who say it was a group of people actually writing them. Furthermore, there is also who believes he was not even English, but (listen carefully) Italian, and, more specifically, from Sicily, an odd but interesting viewpoint.

Then we moved to the theme of theatre, talking about the Globe Theatre, where Shakespeare’as plays were being performed, and about some key-terms like ‘monologue’ and ‘soliloquy’ in order to get properly inside the play. A play divided into five acts whose protagonist is angry and sarcastic, passionate and doubtful. A play filled with beautiful and powerful lines, some of which have entered the common use in the English language and many other languages. One for all is “Something is rotten in the state of Denmark” (Act I, scene 4) which is not uttered by one of the main characters but by Marcellus, a sentry.

We read Hamlet’s famous soliloquy, discussing its layered meaning, and Gertrude’s description of Ophelia’s death, a sublte portrait filled with vivid images. It was a very nice evening and each of us saw the play in a richer way afterwards. Thanks everybody and see you soon!